Setting up the tracking

In order to track your sales, a conversion pixel will need to be placed on the action confirmation page. For example, you can put it on the sales success page or newsletter confirmation page if you want to track newsletter sign-ups. 

Each network has a different tracking tag, which they will provide you with during the integration stage.  

Typically, the advertiser’s development team will implement the tracking tag and the network integration team will test the implementation of the conversion pixel. This is to check that it’s sending the advertiser or network the correct data that’ll appear in the reporting and sales tracking interface. 

Many advertisers ask the common question: How long does it take for the tracking to be implemented? And the short answer is: As long as the developer on the advertiser side takes to implement the tracking.  

If you’re a brand and advertiser, it’s crucial that when you agree to launch your programme you notify your development team so they can schedule in time for the tracking integration.  

Alternatively, if you’re a small business that doesn’t have access to a development team, then ensuring you can hire some resource will mean there’s as little delay as possible to your programme launching on the network and recruiting publishers.