1. Will my existing login details still work after the updated Academy goes live?
    Yes, your login details will work and will remain the same as they were previously.
  2. I have or previously had a ‘Guest’ membership. Will I still be able to access the courses that I was enrolled in on the old Academy?
    No you will not. We have removed the old courses from the Academy and replaced with entirely new ones. If you previously held a ‘Guest’ membership, you will be able to enrol on any courses or events you choose to customise your Academy.
  3. I have or previously had a ‘Client’ membership. Will I still be able to access the courses that I was enrolled in on the old Academy?
    For those that were previously ‘Client’ members, we have created two new membership types: ‘Advertiser’ and ‘Publisher’. We will add you to one of these categories depending on your business type. Those with client membership will find their Academy accounts pre-loaded with exclusive Webgains client-only content. If there are other free courses or events you’d like to enrol in, you can do that too.
  4. Is all the Academy content still free to access?
    Yes. At the present time, all courses and events in the Webgains Academy are free to join. You’ll never need to supply any billing information or payment details.
  5. I was in the middle of a course and now that course has been removed. I would like to finish that course and earn the certificate. Can I do this?
    If you wish to access a discontinued course, please contact our team at academy@webgains.com.
  6. Can I still earn certificates for completing e-courses on the new Academy?
    Absolutely! There is certification available for all e-courses in the Academy. The ‘Introduction to Affiliate Marketing’ in our first new course and is a great place to get started. We’re looking to add more courses over time.
  7. I enrolled in Webgains Academy to attend Transform 2020 or watch Transform sessions. Are these sessions still available to watch in my account?
    Yes. Anyone who was signed up for Transform 2020 in the Academy will still be able to watch the sessions and will not need to register for the Transform 2020 event again. Those who previously were not signed up for Transform can easily do so and it will be added to your available courses.


  1. I’m not a member of the Academy. How do I sign up for a course or event?
    To see all available courses, resources and events, you simply need to click here or on the ‘Find a Course’ button near the top of the Academy homepage. Click the ‘Enroll’ button for each course, resource or event that you’d like to add to your Academy account. Then click the ‘View cart’ button to see what items you have selected. Next click ‘Proceed to checkout’ and input your details. Once that is done you have agreed to our Terms and Privacy Policy, you can click ‘Place order’. Any course, resource or event that you selected is now available under My Account > My Courses & Events.
  2. How do I delete my account?
    If you’d like to delete you account on the Academy, please send a deletion request to our team at academy@webgains.com.
  3. I’d like to keep informed about new courses and events being added to Webgains Academy via email. How can I sign up for this?
    You can sign up to receive email marketing from Webgains here.
  4. Will I be charged for anything?
    No you will never be charged or have to put in any payment information. All Academy content is available to access free of charge.
  5. How can I earn certificates?
    Certificates are earned when you complete an e-course on the Academy. E-courses currently available are: ‘Introduction to Affiliate Marketing’.
  6. I’ve learned about affiliate marketing and now I would like to start my own program on Webgains. How can I do this?
    If you’d like to start a program with Webgains, let us know here. You can request to join as an advertiser, agency, publisher, influencer or something else.
  7. Where can I find out more about Webgains as a company and Webgains as an affiliate network?
    You’ll find all that information on our main website – webgains.com.