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High-quality on-demand online courses and ebooks designed to help you understand everything about the world of affiliate marketing.

A complete overview of all the core elements of affiliate marketing to get you started on your journey. 

Learn how to grow your online sales and pick the right affiliate publishers who can help you promote your brand.

Learn how to improve the efficiency and profitability of your existing affiliate programmes.

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The most efficient strategies and tactics shared by affiliate marketing experts.

As the network of choice for a number of jewellery brands in markets all over the world, we share what success in the affiliate channel looks like for a jewellery brand.


Join our webinars and learn about influencer and affiliate strategies to create campaigns that outperform.

Learn how affiliates can use social media and influencer marketing to actively engage with your audience.

The challenges, classic mistakes, and big opportunities in using branded content for marketing campaigns.

Experienced digital marketers & business leaders talk about branding ‘controversial’ products.

All about digital transformation and why it is important for sustainable global growth and resilience.