1. What is an affiliate network?
    An effective affiliate network is one that connect publishers (or affiliates) to merchant advertisers, acting as the intermediary, allowing them to join advertiser programmes. After signing up and being accepted into a merchant programme, a publisher can promote the merchant products or services through their website.
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  2. How can I learn affiliate marketing?
    Affiliate marketing is a purely performance-driven marketing channel, and although it can deliver incredible results and ROI, it isn’t always easy to understand. As with most marketing strategies, we recommend a careful and considered approach, to ensure you can gather as much data and knowledge as possible. This means learning affiliate marketing is split into two parts: the first is learning how the process works and what’s involved, the second part is learning how to build a successful affiliate programme.
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  3. How can I start an affiliate programme?
    It’s possible for any brand to begin their own affiliate programme, but this isn’t always the best use of resources, especially for a smaller business. One of the biggest benefits of joining an affiliate network like Webgains is the significantly decreased risk. Advertisers pay on results with only modest set up fees.
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  4. What is the best affiliate network for me?
    Affiliate marketing has an extremely low cost to entry, it’s because of this, that the best affiliate marketing network for an advertiser is unlikely to be the cheapest. Of course, affiliate networks do complete on price – for example, charging varying setup fees and/or recurring membership fees – but it’s areas such as technology, customer service and network size that differentiate them.
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  1. How do I access Webgains Academy?
    You can enrol for for free here to gain access to our range of courses, webinars, and web events.

  2. How do I sign up for a course or event?
    To see all available courses, resources and events, visit academy.webgains.com. Browse the available courses and events and simply click the course title or thumbnail you would like to join. On the next page click the ‘Enroll’ button and fill in the registration form. Once you have filled in the form and accepted our terms and conditions, you can click ‘Register’ to access your content.

    Any course, resource or event for which you have registered will be available under My Account > My Courses & Events.

  3. How do I delete my account?
    If you’d like to delete you account on the Academy, please send a deletion request to our team at academy@webgains.com.

  4. Will I be charged for anything?
    No you will never be charged or have to put in any payment information. All Academy content is available to access free of charge.

  5. How can I earn certificates?
    Certificates are earned when you complete an e-course on the Academy.

  6. How can I start my own affiliate marketing programme?
    If you’d like to start a programme with Webgains, let us know here. You can request to join as an advertiser, agency, publisher, influencer or something else.

  7. Where can I find out more about Webgains as a company and Webgains as an affiliate network?
    You’ll find all that information on our main website – webgains.com.