Creating a good quality Advertiser website

The design of the advertiser’s website is important. That’s because the highest ‘drop out’ rate (also referred to as bounce rate) is often on the first page a visitor lands on. 

There are many reasons why users will leave a website instantly, these include:  

  • An unprofessional layout or design 
  • A slow loading website 
  • A website that isn’t compatible with certain browsers or devices 

Publishers are more likely to work with advertisers who have well-designed websites that are easy to use. That’s because a good quality website with intuitive navigation will make it easier to promote and make purchases from. It also communicates the professionalism and high standard of an advertiser’s products and business.  

In many ways, the conversion rate of your programme is critical to not only your publishers, but the success of your programme overall. This is why the quality of your website is important – and should be the first thing you think about.  

If you feel the quality of your website might not be up to scratch, please ask your account manager for advice on how to improve it.