Your programme description

Once your programme goes live on the network, it’ll appear in the advertiser programme listings. This is so publishers are able to find it and sign up to promote your brand. The listing typically contains a programme description, which outlines who the brand and advertiser is and the benefits of the publisher signing up and promoting them. 

A good programme description is key and should be informative whilst also incentivising publishers to promote your brands over those of your competitors.  

It’s also a good idea to provide additional information, which could aid your publishers in helping to promote and understand your brand. For example, if you’re a fashion advertiser you could provide a look book, blog posts and links to social media accounts. Many large enterprise clients provide publisher hubs, which surface information such as the best-selling products, new releases, promotional information and news and updates.   

It’s important to get as much information from the advertiser as possible if you’re managing the programme on their behalf. 

If you’re from the advertiser and brand, then you need to provide as much information as possible so the publisher can understand your brand and its USPs as much as possible. 

The information that should be given to the publisher includes: 

  • Your brand’s marketing blurb  
  • Your USPs 
  • How the publisher will benefit from joining the programme  
  • What they will be rewarded for. For example, sales, brochure requests, test drives, newsletter sign ups, etc. 
  • The commission that’ll be rewarded 
  • The Average Order Value 
  • Details of any additional bonus schemes 
  • Details of any bespoke creative you can provide 
  • Cookie length (the amount of time after a referred click that you’ll reward the publisher for the sale) 
  • The criteria for being approved to the programme 
  • How long it takes the brand to validate a sale and pay the publisher  
  • PPC Policy (i.e. Do you allow publishers to drive sales via PPC?)