Good quality, frequently updated links

As with the website, well-designed banners and links will encourage a higher level of promotion by publishers. Of course, they’re also more likely to yield a higher click-through and conversion rate. A programme with frequently updated links is desirable to publishers. It’s also a good idea to overwrite old links with newer ones of the same size, which means they’ll automatically update on any publisher websites.  

Additionally, you should aim to provide a range of banners that are:  

  • Generic (brand) 
  • Product specific 
  • Seasonal 

By providing creatives for each of these situations, you can be sure that your publishers are able to promote your products in a range of locations.  

You should aim to provide a range of creative assets that have prominent branding, a strong call to action (i.e. free delivery) and are graphically appealing.  

Generic (brand)

These banners should present your overall brand and business. They can be used by publishers for general promotion. 

Product or range specific banners

Product specific banners yield a higher click-through rate than generic banners, so it’s a good idea to use them to promote your products. However, providing specific banners means they’ll be placed in specific locations by your publishers. What this means is that if they ever become inaccurate or obsolete, they’ll need to be overwritten with banners of the same nature so that they’re never placed out of context. You can also help publishers by using relevant names for your creatives such as “iPod accessories”, and by using appropriate keywords when adding them to your programme. 


You should provide a set of banners for special occasions and public holidays, especially if they coincide with your periods of high sales (e.g. Christmas or Father’s day). As with all of your banners, any that become obsolete should be overwritten with new ones that are of the same nature should be added in their place. 

Please remember that the easier you can make it for publishers to promote your products, the more appealing your programme will be. This, in turn, will make your programme more successful. 

By providing creative for each of these situations, you can be sure that your publishers can promote your products in an assortment of locations. 

The standard banner sizes that publishers across the network use are 

  • 120×90.jpg static logo 
  • 250×250 static logo 
  • 88×31 static logo 
  • 300×250 banner 
  • 728×90 banner 
  • 160×600 banner 
  • 120×600 banner 
  • 468×60 banner 
  • 234×60 banner 
  • 250×250 banner 
  • 815×302 static (unbranded).