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Defining common payment models

In this lesson we’ll explain the differences between common payment models and show you why different pricing methods are more appropriate for some ad campaigns more than others. Online advertising models can appear on websites in several forms. That’s because different pricing methods are more appropriate for some ad campaigns than others. This means it’s …

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Marketing Basics

Before we begin on our journey to mastering affiliate marketing, we need to get to grips with the basics of marketing. It is a process and involves attracting, developing and retaining consumers. Our view is that “Marketing” is when you try to convince people to want and to buy what you have to sell. Sources …

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates on an agreed action through the affiliates own marketing efforts. In the most basic terms, affiliate marketing is a shared revenue system where each party earns income every time a successful transaction is made. When a customer completes a purchase driven …

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Launching your first programme

For the best chance of success when launching your first affiliate programme, it’s vital that you have an understanding of the fundamental elements of successful affiliate launches. In this course, we’ll cover why it’s important to have a clear strategy for the channel activity, and guidance in how to ensure you are paying the right commission to …

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The Publisher Landscape

Publishers play a vital role in the world of affiliate marketing. Without Publishers there wouldn’t be affiliate marketing – they’re the people who put the Advertiser’s products in-front of the in-market consumers. In the same way that Advertisers are essential to the Publishers; the two in the channel cannot exist without each other. But there …

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What is tracking and compliance?

Tracking is a fundamental part of affiliate marketing. For leads and actions to be rewarded, they need to have accurate reporting – this is where tracking comes in. Tracking allows advertisers to assess how successful their affiliate campaigns are in real-time through an automated process. Clicks, sales, and conversions are measured to analyse which action …

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