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What is Webgains Academy?

Webgains is a high performance affiliate marketing network that combines cutting-edge technology and world-class expertise that put our clients — from blue-chips to start-ups — at the top of their game. Our market insight leads the field and we believe in sharing this expertise with you. We’re motivated by your success and coach you every step of the way — wherever we can add value. 

Webgains Academy provides training resources to anyone who is interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing. We train you from the ground up from the basic concepts up to the latest innovation.

Which membership should you join?

Our Academy Guest Membership is open to anyone and currently all our courses are free. Simply sign up as “Webgains Guest” and start learning.

If you are a Webgains Client, we offer an additional portfolio of courses, ebooks, and other resources. Simply sign up as “Webgains Client” and wait for your account to be approved.

Webgains Team is only available to Webgains employees. Please sign up with your webgains email address and wait for your account to be approved.