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We are motivated to nurture your success and coach you every step of the way; our courses allow you to learn at your own pace and help you flourish. Think of us as your performance coach – when you gain, we gain too.

What is Webgains Academy?

Webgains Academy is an e-learning and resource centre, not only for Webgains clients, but for anybody interested in affiliate marketing and wanting to launch a program of their own. Aside from hosting content including webinars, events, e-books and exclusive industry reports, the Academy provides members with comprehensive courses, training you from the ground up. From the basic concepts to the latest innovation, we turn you from affiliate marketing novice to expert with our step-by-step learning material.

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If you are a Webgains Client, we offer an additional portfolio of courses, ebooks, and other resources. Simply sign up as “Webgains Client” and wait for your account to be approved.

Our Academy Guest Membership is open to anyone and currently all our courses are free. Simply sign up as “Webgains Guest” and start learning.

About Webgains

Webgains is a global affiliate marketing network combining cutting-edge technology with industry insight, to enhance the performance of our client’s affiliate marketing strategy and performance. We have an unbeatable track record when it comes to empowering our advertisers and publishing partners to reach their peak performance and achieve game changing results.

Armed with the skills to skyrocket your sales and a deep understanding of your key markets, we’re dedicated to fighting your corner in a crowded marketplace where only the boldest moves make a difference.

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